"Turn Key" Project

Environmental Restoration

At Walker Excavation, our site remediation services are tailored to swiftly and effectively address environmental challenges. From initial site assessments to the implementation of cutting-edge remediation techniques, we prioritize the thorough cleanup of contaminated sites. Our experienced team navigates regulatory requirements with precision, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

We employ a comprehensive approach that encompasses soil and groundwater remediation, asbestos abatement, and hazardous waste management. Sustainability is at the forefront of our practices, with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact throughout the remediation process.

Walker Excavation's dedication extends to ongoing monitoring and reporting, providing clients with assurance that the restored sites maintain compliance and uphold environmental integrity. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, we deliver site remediation solutions that contribute to a safer and healthier future.


Site Remediation

We have worked in the oil fields since 2010, providing oil pad development, remediation, and site cleanup for different oil companies throughout the northwestern region of North Dakota and eastern Montana.


Commercial Construction

We have a great history of working with multiple general contractors to build long-lasting relationships in the Gallatin Valley.